About Us


Gerry Lindgren is an organization which provides services in the   area of online marketing and advertising. We have been in business for a couple of years, and we were in charge of many successful online marketing campaigns. We employ dozens of people who are experts in the area of marketing, and thus we provide high-quality online advertising services.

What We Can Do For You



   We offer a range of services with the ultimate goal to advertise your product and your company. We employ various experts who work together to plan and execute advertising campaigns that will attract customers to you. All people that we put in your case will work together, and they come up with successful advertising strategies which they later employ.



Optimization is just another service we offer. We offer various types of optimization including:
– Site Optimization that focuses on conversion rates of the pages you own, the main page of your store and so on.
– Search engine optimization that focuses on search rankings on Google and other search engines.



Our job is to measure everything, from traffic on your site to some people who click on your ads. This type of service also includes detailed reports on everything that happens between customers and your site. We also provide suggestions on how to improve various aspects of your site to attract more people.



We analyze all data your site generates and write reports that outline both pros and cons of your site. We offer alternatives to you, whenever we notice a deviation that leads your web page in a wrong direction. We are there to protect your web page from external influence as well as the bad decision you make due to your inexperience.

Why You Should Work With Us

   We have gathered a group of people who know how to create a successful marketing campaign. The increasing number of satisfied clients is the best advertisement we need. That is something we are proud with and also something we apply to our customers. We are satisfied only when our customers gain popularity they desire.

Our Experts And How They Can Help You

Gerry Lindgren

The Brain Behind Gerry Lindgren

 The head of Gerry Lindgren is a person who has vast experience in the industry, and before the creation of this company he was ahead of numerous advertising campaigns. He got tired of working with large corporations and decided to create a business that will help small enterprises.

Matthew Bales

Marketing Expert

   Our marketing experts are the bees that do the majority of hard work. They create different aspects of adverting, from texts to animations. CEO expert has the final word in many things, but marketing experts are people that come up with a majority of ideas, and they are the individuals who bring those ideas into reality.

Harvey Ricks

Support Crew

   Many people ask questions about some advertising choices we make, and for that, we have support team whose job is to explain everything we do. Every client is free to contact us and ask questions, and the support is there to answer these issues and fulfill requests if there are any.

Meredith Cortina

CEO Expert

    The primary job of our CEO expert is to oversee the whole marketing campaign. He also works with other specialists to present you with a strategy that will work for your enterprise. He also works with finances, and whenever you have some questions about the costs, they will be the one who will give you answers.


4667 Clair Street
Waco, TX 76706, 254-654-7472


Latest From Our Blog

We Aim For The Future

   Rather than keeping same form of ads, and advertising in general, forever we look for new ways to make your site famous. We explore and test new ways of marketing and those that yield success will find your website. Focusing on future keeps us on the top in this industry, and therefore we try to bring in new technologies that will help you as well as us. Whenever we find a new way to advertise your site, we will contact you and explain why it would be a good idea. You can refuse if you feel that our idea isn’t going to work.


Testimonials Of Satisfied Clients

Kevin Gibbons

“I have struggled to advertise my business over the internet, and all my tries ended in disaster. I also paid some money for software that was too complicated to use. Gerry Lindgren was my last try to save my company, and my business is gaining new customers on a daily basis” says Kevin.

Christine Scott

“I became a skeptic after several failed attempts to advertise my business on Facebook. A friend suggested  Gerry Lindgren, and after a while, I decided to trust them. Two months have passed, and thanks to this company my site has a lot of views and new people come every day” Explains Christine, another satisfied client.

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