Online Instruments For Advertising

The majority of business we do is completed through paid software. This doesn’t mean that we don’t use free software. Many “experts” will tell you that free software is bad and that you shouldn’t use it. We aren’t like that because it would be an act of pure cynicism to tell you not to use it.

free softwareFree software has its limitations, and you can’t compare it to programs you pay for. On the other hand, it is free, and it can do a lot of work. You will probably recognize some of the software we use in our business as you had experience in working with it. The knowledge about the free software we use for your advertising can help you keep an eye on your site even after our contract expires.

AdWords and Keyword planner are essential software for every marketing campaign. AdWords and other similar programs are critical for companies like us, who work on multiple projects at once. Its latest redesign makes it easier to use, and the wide array of tools is what makes this program a must-have. Keyword planner requires AdWords account, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. It works for other data rather just the PPC, and it can identify and sort a plethora of keyword and other data associated with those words.

Bing AdsMany clients we deal with become surprised when we tell them that we use Bing to advertise their website. Even though Bing isn’t as relevant as Google, it is still there, and people use it. Bing Ads Intelligence and Grader are two Bing based programs that make marketing campaigns easier. Intelligence is perfect for reports and functionality of the whole advertising system. The grader will report and grade your account and provide suggestions on how to improve. Its suggestions might not be correct at all times, but this program helps and that is the most important thing in this line of business.

Watching over traffic on your website is something we regularly do. We use an array of paid programs to monitor it as well as to see whether there are some patterns in the searches people make. Convertible is free software that offers a lot of data, and you can even compare it with paid programs. It lists almost all important aspects of traffic, including the operating system of the customer, source from which they found you, keywords they used and search engine they utilized.